In my attempt to better embrace my creative nature, I opened up an Etsy shop this year. Behold, The AC Studio.

Do you ever have the itch to make stuff or read something – in the middle of the night? You’re already in bed, and all of a sudden, you feel so inspired to get up and do something. Such is my life, you guys. Sleep was never really my strong point. 

The AC Studio Design

I wish I could nap like a teenage boy (mine sleeps so freaking much), but I can’t. Insomnia plagues me, and on top of that, I’m a night owl. Creativity hits me at the most random (night) times, and since I work normal human hours, I have to wait until I get home from work the next day to succumb to my calling and make something.

We’re Open on Etsy

Anyway, I adore Etsy. It’s where I shop to support fellow creatives, and even though it’s a pretty saturated market, there are so many fascinating things up for sale. Plus, I know some of the sweetest creatives on there. Are you on there? Share your shop with me!

The AC Studio

The AC Studio Design Shop

My very own place on the internet, The AC Studio, housing printables for bullet journal and planners. I draw everything on Photoshop and Illustrator, so things take a little while to make. However, I love it so much! Plus, they’re super cute, right?

Right now, I’m focusing on instant download printables for bullet journals and planners, but who knows where the future will lead? I don’t have an electronic cutting machine, so my prints are made to accommodate those who also do not have cutting machines. Just print and cut however you want.

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Side Hustling for the Win

Mommas, single ladies (and men), anybody and errrbody, listen up. You can have a side hustle set up in as few as 5 minutes. How? Put your creativity up in a shop on Etsy. You don’t even really have to make anything – if you can get real good at gathering up supplies and tools to make something, you could open up a supply shop.

The opportunities are endless, and all you need is a plan. If you’ve never written up a business plan before, check this out. The Super Easy Way to Write a Business Plan. You want to work from home and satisfy your creative nature (or other people’s creative natures), then get to it. It’s January, so you’ve got all year to crush and kill your goals. I believe in you. Once you get set up, tweet your shop link to me, so that I can help retweet it for you.

Feeling Inspired All the Time

Inspiration comes from everywhere. My home office is set up facing the window, so I get to see so many things going on outside. Pets taking their walks or hanging out on balconies, people going grocery shopping or dropping their friends off at the curb, cars passing by or stopping for a visit, trees blowing in the wind and shedding their leaves, etc. There are so many colors and movements in front of me. It’s hard not to get lost and daydream.

Online, I’m surrounded by fellow creators (bloggers, vloggers and artists), and they inspire me everyday. It’s so wonderful to see such a supportive network on my feeds (I curate them well). If you want to join us, come on and follow on Twitter. I promise, we’re friendly!

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The AC Studio Design