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Recruiting Creatives, a Job Board for Digital Talent and Creative Entrepreneurs
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Recruiting Creatives, a Job Board for Creative Entrepreneurs

We hear it every single day – why can’t businesses take creative entrepreneurs seriously? Why do people expect you to provide discounts or even free work paid for by promotions and exposure?

Simply put, it’s because creatives like us let them. We let them get away with it by staying silent and keeping our objections to ourselves. Well, no more! Recruiting Creatives, a job board for creative entrepreneurs, is here. We’re going to change the way digital creatives do business, and we’re going to get your profits as well as exposure rolling. Continue reading

How to make your resume stand out, even if you don't have any experience.
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How to Make Your Resume Stand Out Even if You Have No Experience

Sometimes we have to go corporate before we can build our hustle, and that’s cool. However, one of the most frustrating things in life is job hunting.

It is most definitely one of those things I could do without. Now, if only I could win the lottery so that I don’t have to continue this trek. While I wait, I’m going to share with you some of my best tips to make your resume stand out to hiring managers. Even if you don’t have any experience for the job you’re applying for, hiring managers could still be drawn to your resume if you plan your strategy right.Continue reading

Where to sell products online and make extra money.
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Where to Sell Products Online and Monetize Your Creative Outlet

What if you could make money doing something you love? Isn’t that the dream after all? Creative hobbies are great, because you can use your talent to sell products online and make some extra money.

It’s simple, right? Well, yeah if you’ve got your Business Plan down. If not, I can help you get one done within a day and move on to the fun part – opening up shop!

Let’s say you know what you want to do, but you’re not sure where to sell products online. Good thing I’ve been playing around with a few e-commerce sites and platforms and sharing my experiences with them. Continue reading

12 Companies hiring work from home jobs right now. Get that side hustle going!
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12 Companies Hiring Work from Home Jobs Right Now

Working from home is really trending these days, and you all jumped at my list of 35+ careers you can work from home! Thank you for that.

Today, I’m sharing 12 reputable companies hiring work from home jobs, remote, telecommute, whatever you want to call it positions right now. Today. So if you’re on the job hunt and/or building up your side hustle game, bring it. Grab your resumes and jump on it!Continue reading

How to Price Your Work as a Blogger and Stay Competitve in the Market
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How to Price Your Work as a Blogger | Staying Competitive

I believe bloggers can and should make money off of their work. It takes so much time and energy to construct a blog post from start to finish.

People like to claim that bloggers who get paid to post something, whether positive or negative, are just doing it because they received payment. I don’t believe that a blogger that doesn’t get paid is any more or less honest than one who does.Continue reading