The new year is here, and it’s about time I get back into gear with this blog!

Life organization and planning is a topic that is going to be on everyone’s mind as January rolls into town. It’s just what we do – we dream up these awesome adventures we want to have and try to organize our lives so that we can make things happen. Well, today, I’ve been doing some of that dreaming and creating, and my journey starts here, with you. 

Life Organization and Planning - Plus Free Planner Sets

Life Organization and Planning

It doesn’t have to be some elaborate plan that outlines each and every aspect of your life. You just need to define where you are and where you want to be. When you have those two points set, you can create a map (goals) that’ll get you from point A to point B. Don’t overcomplicate it, because that will just stress you out. Take a breath, and start with point A and move on.

For me, I’m spending my days at a normal job. I know – I’m supposed to be working from home. Well, in my spare time, I do. My passion is in creation, and I’ve been working on a few things that I’m going to be launching in 2018. Hold on to your hats, because it’s going to be a crazy adventure on this blog! Want to make a career from blogging? Check out my last post talking all about it.

Strategies for Planning

I like to write things down. I’ve already started on a new Moleskine journal for my ventures, and I’m pretty excited. If I don’t write things down and see them in front of me, I forget and get side-tracked. I’m trying to focus more and complete one task at a time. This way, my goals are easier to knock out.

Bullet journals are great, because they are empty canvases. You can go in whatever direction you want, and there is no right or wrong way to do it. Planners are awesome if you need more structure. You can always sticker over something with cute washi tape or fun stickers and go your own way if you’re not liking the current layout. Digital journals are cool if you want to be more high-tech with your planning. There’s always the Notes app for an even simpler approach – make a list and delete when it’s done. Whichever way you choose, make sure it’s something you look forward to doing, otherwise, you won’t keep up with it.

Life Organization and Planning - Plus Free Planner Sets

Get Creative!

Again, planning and goal-setting is something you should look forward to doing. Yes, goals should scare you, but also, they should make you feel challenged. The goal is to grow in whatever way you have decided. Without some creativity, goal-crushing might not be as fun as it could be. For instance, hardcore journal-ers (is that a word?) collect massive amounts of stickers, pens and notebooks. They have stickers for everything you could possibly imagine.

Some people have a knack for drawing and don’t need stickers. Their imaginations come to life through their own hands. I have seen some insane bullet journal layouts, and they are so inspiring! I’m kind of jealous, but also, it makes me want to get creative too. I, too, have a growing pen and digital sticker collection!

Sharing is Caring

My digital sticker collection is stuff I’ve created myself. I like to mess around with Photoshop and Illustrator, and when I got into journaling, it was like a match made in heaven. Lately, I’ve been busy thinking up some creations to share with you all, and I’m excited to show off my first Journal Set for January 2018.

Life Organization and Planning

If you’re interested in my monthly Journal Sets, you can sign up below. January 2018 is up for grabs and ready to go. They’re formatted to fit US Letter size sticker sheets but can be easily resized to fit your journals and planners. I hope you like them!

Celebrate the Small Things

Every step you take, no matter how small, gets you closer to completing your goals. Don’t let those small victories go unrewarded. Pat yourself on the back, clap for yourself, enjoy a nice treat – whatever you want to do to celebrate, do it.

In 2018, let’s all plan to be a little more kind and a lot more kick-ass. Let’s do this!

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