This has been quite an eventful year, but it all comes down to last week – Hurricane Harvey, a disaster no one saw coming.

Getting through a 1000-year natural event like Harvey has to be something you get a plaque for. However, in our case, we get to say that we got through it pretty well. Life after Harvey is bringing about quite a few life changes, but I’ll take it any day. 

Life After Harvey and Life Changes

Life After Harvey as Reality Sets In for Houston

I kept up with the news about Harvey as it was happening and a little bit afterwards. However, it wasn’t until driving through town this weekend that some people’s realities hit me. I saw piles and piles of destroyed belongings laying out in neighborhood yards. Cars were being loaded onto tow trucks everywhere. The water brought so much destruction. It was heartbreaking and intensely humbling.

In our case, the flooding waters reached just outside of our apartment complex. We were surrounded by water, but we remained dry and still had water and electricity. Blessed is the only word for it. After a couple of days, the water disappeared, and I still wonder where it all went. I knew people still couldn’t get into their homes because the water hadn’t gone down in some areas. Our part of the city was back to normal sooner than others.

Moving On from the Destruction

Due to our district’s speedy recovery, that meant back to work for us – at least those who could make it. I’m not complaining. I secured my spot at my job when I returned, and I’m officially part of the team (on probation, anyway). Still, another blessing was granted, and I am grateful.

This weekend, I wanted to do some shopping. I never shop anymore, so I think it was all of the stress settling in. Since it has been a while, I didn’t really hold back. However, I did find it difficult to branch out and try new things. I ended picking up some long-time favorites.

Life After Harvey and Life Changes

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Blog Changes and New Journey

On the topic of shopping, I’ve been thinking about where this blog is headed. It’s been such an interesting year, and I’m not so sure of the direction I want this blog to go. I kind of want to step back from serious adult-type posts, because I’m beginning to lose interest in all of that. I have to actually be an adult in real-life, and I want to blog about more fun freestyle type things.

I’ve always believed that you should write about things that you are extremely passionate about, but I also believe that our passions and interests change with time and with our experiences. As half of the year has come and gone, I’ve changed so much, and I want to embrace those changes.

Who knows what that means for The Crimson Cardigan. All I know for sure is that you must always be flexible no matter what. This way, you can adjust your course as you see fit. I’m all about flexibility and change as part of life after Harvey. Bring it on!

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