If you’ve been blogging for a while, you will have heard the mumblings of DA score this and DA score that. How can we get this number higher, and why does it even really matter?

DA refers to Domain Authority, and every site gets a score from 0-100. If you’re just starting out, your score will most likely be 0 or 1. The goal is to increase your domain authority score, because the higher your score, the more authority your domain has, according to search engines.Ā 

How to Increase Your Domain Authority and Why DA Scores Matter in Blogging

Get on Page 1 Search Results

How many times do you click over to the next pages in search results? Hardly ever, right? Your potential readers are the same way. They want info, and they want it ASAP. Straight up, the goal is to get your links to show up on the first page of search engine results to grab readers’ attention.

By increasing your domain authority score (DA score), you get bumped up higher in search engine results. Now, it may take a while to get to 100 points, but if you plan your strategy right and keep at it, you will get there.

Set a Solid Foundation

A lot of search engines pull content from sites based on their SEO. If your site is optimized, then you will rank higher than a similar site that is not search engine optimized. SEO can get pretty technical, so if you need help with that, I have more info and a free crash course here.

Ideally, you want to be sure that when you fill your site with content, you stay on topic. You want to use keywords wherever it makes sense to use them. Search engines pull from where these keywords and phrases are located and deliver those results to readers.

Another way to set a solid foundation is to make sure that you have an About page that states what your site is about while integrating those keywords. Whatever you want your site to be known for, use those keywords throughout. Keep in mind, if you overload your site with terms and keywords, it’s called keyword stuffing. This works against you, so only use keywords when it makes sense to.

Strategies to Increase Your Domain Authority

How to Increase Your Domain Authority and Why DA Scores Matter in Blogging

I recently released my very first quicky ebook. Since I like fast reads, because it gets me the information I need without all the fluff. Honestly, I figured my readers would appreciate the same, so I made it quick and easy and very straightforward.

I started my blog in January 2017, and my DA score started off at 1 like everyone else. Each month, I checked to see if my score went up, even just a little bit. Nope. However, when I checked early last month, I was in shock that my DA score now said 19 instead of 1, like it did a couple of months ago. I kind of had a goofy smile on my face. My work was paying off!

Also, I noticed that my site was linked to by higher ranking pages, and that made me really happy. So I wrote an ebook about everything (every single thing) I had done to get to that point and put it out there for other people to purchase and read. If you want to try my exact strategy that I used to increase my domain authority, you can grab it here.

Consistency is Key

Building a site, an audience, your score, is not going to be quick. All of this takes time, and if you aren’t willing to put the time and effort into it, then you’re in the wrong business. You’ve got to love it, and you’ve got to care about the content that you’re putting out there for the entire flippin’ world to see. You’ve got to own it.

Staying consistent can get really hard sometimes, and if you ever find yourself losing touch, take a step back and walk away for a bit. Refresh and re-motivate yourself, then crush your goals.

So there you have it – my introduction to my first ebook! I did it, guys! My work is bearing fruit, and it is oh, so exciting to see my little blog grow. Don’t forget to check out my ebook here!

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