How to Really Have a Successful and Profitable Blog
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How to Really Have a Successful and Profitable Blog

Around this time last year, I was really looking into serious blogging and searching for information about how to really have a successful and profitable blog. What did I find? A lot of crap.

When it comes to blogging, everything is so personal – tastes, interests, writing style, photography skills, etc. There are so many variables, and after a year of trial and error, I have discovered that what you really need is a solid foundation of understanding. When you have that understanding, you can then move on to the next steps and really have a successful and profitable blog.

How to Really Have a Successful and Profitable Blog

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Learning and Growing with Your Blog

Blogging for a living can be extremely lucrative (make that money), but first, the path to get to that point requires a lot of learning, tweaking and more learning. I’ve spent over $1,000 in the past year trying to learn from others who have found success. I wrote about my experience with Elite Blog Academy (EBA) here, if you’d like to read it. SPOILER: It’s scandalous. Not really, but I’m the only one speaking out, so maybe.

As you gain more knowledge, you grow, and your blog grows with you if you apply what you’re learning. Sometimes, it’s not going to make sense, and that’s okay. Take a step back and look at it from a different perspective.

Eventually, you’ll find your groove. There will be days when words are flying out of your head through your hands as you type away effortlessly. Other days, you’ll want to pull your hair out. It’s a journey for sure.

For some of us, this is what we want to make money from. We want to stay home with our kids, and/or make a little extra money on the side. Eventually, we don’t want it to be just extra money. We want this to be our main source of income. We NEED this to be our main source of income, because it’ll be the best thing for our lives and the way we want to live it. If this is you, let’s do this.

Start with a Strong Foundation

On this blog, you’ll hear me talk about Billionaire Blog Club (BBC)* created by Paul Scrivens (owner of 10+ blogs). I can’t speak any more highly of the guy, so I won’t. I’ll just say that if you’re looking for a mentor who knows what he’s doing, constantly learning, applying that new knowledge and sharing that with us on BBC, then you’ll like him.

Billionaire Blog Club* is more than some course that you download or watch and then apply on your own, hoping that you’re doing it right. Nope. Not even close. There are a ton extremely useful lessons, yes, but BBC is also a community of talented, dedicated individuals who find great joy in sharing their successes, challenges and lessons as well as helping others who are struggling. Whatever it is, this group has got your back. We hang out on Slack (messaging app online) quite a lot. I have a permanent tab open at all times, so I can jump into the conversation freely.

Even the Free Stuff is Magical – READ IT – FREE!

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. The free courses Scrivs created help you really understand what it takes to have a successful and profitable blog.

The 12-Day Blogging Bootcamp* is a solid e-mail course that’s free and will help you start off the right way. As Scrivs says, you can either go the right way or the long way.

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Blog that People Love and Makes You Money* is also free, and you can start right away. If you’re like me and probably won’t sleep until you finish learning everything you can, then you might like this guide.

My Success Due to BBC

In the time I’ve been with BBC (4-5 months or so), I have learned so much about myself and what I really want from my blog. My theme has changed a few times in the past year, but right now, I think we’re in a good place. I like the general topics and lifestyle sort of deal with touches of blogging and side hustles.

Growing is always an option, and I welcome it every day. Yes, it can be really frustrating to run a blog – the sun might not come out on photo days. My thoughts might not always make sense when put into writing. However, it’s completely worth it. Eventually, this will be a full-time gig, and I can stay home in my sweatpants and sip coffee while chatting with amazing people online. Dream. Plan. Do. 

If you’re ready to get down with us BBC’ers on the Billionaire Blog Cluband really have a successful and profitable blog, we’ll welcome you with open, loving arms. There is no place better on the internet.

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How to Really Have a Successful and Profitable Blog




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