Since my post on Pinterest is continuing to do really well, I thought you might like one on BoardBooster.

I’ve used both for quite some time, and I feel like my blog has done really well, thanks to both Tailwind Tribes and BoardBooster. Today, I’m just going to share with you how I boost pageviews with BoardBooster – super easy. 

How to Boost Pageviews with BoardBooster

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What You Need

First, you’ll need a Business Pinterest account. To set one up, I wrote about it in my How to Get More Pinterest Followers post. Pinterest makes it really easy to change your personal account to a business account. You can also start a brand new account if you don’t already have one or if you don’t want to use your personal one.

Also, you’ll need a board that holds all of your blog posts. Mine is called Best of The Crimson Cardigan Blog, and I recommend you have a similar board. This way, you can easily pin and share your work from one board.

You’ll need to be part of a few Group Boards. Depending on your blog niche, you’ll want to join at least 2 boards that have thousands of followers. I don’t really have a strategy on joining groups other than find one you want to join and follow the instructions to join them. Many will say send an email requesting to join, and some say you must join their Facebook group first. Either way, you want to get into a few so that you can gain some exposure for your pins.

Lastly, you need a BoardBooster account. Here’s my link* – you get 100 free pins – if you’d like to help support this blog at no extra cost to you. If not, that’s cool – you can just go to BoardBooster here or type it into your search bar.

Why Use BoardBooster

BoardBooster is a nifty tool that helps you automatically pin stuff via a schedule. You can try it out and get your first 100 pins free*. After the trial, you’ll need to select a plan, and the plans start at $5 a month. Honestly, with $5, you can really boost your blog pageviews easily.

With BoardBooster, I have set up my pinning schedule that feeds my blog post pins into highly viewed Group Boards. This helps my blog gain exposure, more views, and my pins are more likely to get repinned by other pinners.

How to Boost Pageviews with BoardBooster

Here is how I schedule campaigns with only $5 a month. First, go to Pinning Tools and click Campaigns. This is where you’ll choose where BoardBooster will take pins from and where those pins will get Repinned.

How to Boost Pageviews with BoardBooster

Next, select the type of Campaign you want. I like to use Random Campaign, because it isn’t so structured. I feel like pins should be random, because it’s more interesting to look at pins that different from the last pin that you just saw. Again, your choice.

How to Boost Pageviews with BoardBooster

Here, you’ll label your campaign to whatever you want – no one will see this besides you. Set up your campaign – add the Source board (where BoardBooster will take pins from) and add Target Boards (where BoardBooster will pin the pins it has taken from your Source Board). Hopefully, you have chosen a few Group Boards as your Targets for more exposure.

Choose the time range you’d like the pins to be sent. Depending on your Pin stats, you’ll want to choose the most active time for pinners – I set mine from 8:00 am to 11:45 pm, if you’re curious.

How to Boost Pageviews with BoardBooster

Click save, and BoardBooster will do the rest. Now, all you have to do is supply your Source Board with fresh pins. Every time you write a new post or make a new pin, pin it to your Source Board. BoardBooster will do the repinning for you.

So there you have my strategy for how to boost pageviews with BoardBooster! I hope you enjoyed and found this useful in your blogging adventure.

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