12 Companies hiring work from home jobs right now. Get that side hustle going!
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12 Companies Hiring Work from Home Jobs Right Now

Working from home is really trending these days, and you all jumped at my list of 35+ careers you can work from home! Thank you for that.

Today, I’m sharing 12 reputable companies hiring work from home jobs, remote, telecommute, whatever you want to call it positions right now. Today. So if you’re on the job hunt and/or building up your side hustle game, bring it. Grab your resumes and jump on it!

12 Companies hiring work from home jobs right now. Get that side hustle going!

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Side Hustling is the New Black

Seriously though, if you haven’t seen my first income report from my Transcription Side Hustle, it might give you just that little nudge to start. I made $1,000 on the side, sitting in front of my computer typing away and watched the money add up. It’s not magic. It’s work, but it’s so much sweeter when you can do it on your own terms. Am I right?

These are the latest jobs that I found, and I’ll be updating as I come across new ones. Good luck on your hustle!

Technology Companies Hiring Work from Home Jobs


Apple is almost always hiring At Home Advisors to provide high quality customer service for their wide range of products. If you like Apple products and technology, this might be for you.


Computers live in almost every home, and if you’re familiar with them, you might do well at Dell. Check out the current openings, and be sure to search for remote/telecommute positions (work from home).


Are you in the financial field and know your tax stuff really well? Intuit is currently hiring tax associates for the season. If you’re down with the latest tax news and updates and enjoy helping other people with their tax duties, check them out.

Retail Companies Hiring Work from Home Jobs


Every mammoth corporation needs excellent customer service, and who better to provide that service than people who utilize the company’s products. If you’re an Amazon fan and/or you enjoy the customer service field, this one is for you.

Gap Inc

This company holds brands such as GAP, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta, and Intermix. You can pick and choose which brand you want to work for, and I recommend you do it fast, because there are just a few listings on here, ready to be swooped away.

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Travel Service Companies Hiring Work from Home Jobs

Alaska Airlines

You know those friendly people behind the counters at the airport? You can provide that kind of service along with many other opportunities online. Check out the latest hiring offers at Alaska Airlines.


This is probably the biggest name on here, and yes, they hire remote employees! Peruse their site and see which work from home opportunities match you the best.


I’ve rented cars from Hertz and had to call into their customer service department at night, and I know I spoke to a remote agent. He was probably the most friendly customer service agent I’d ever spoken with over the phone. If you want to be like these guys, check out what Hertz has for you.

Healthcare Service Companies Hiring Work from Home Jobs


Humana does a lot of work with the government, so you’ll need a squeaky clean background and possible clearances. If you’re down for serving in the healthcare field via your home office, definitely check out Humana.

UnitedHealth Group

There are many different partners and pieces of UnitedHealth Group, and Optum is one of the main ones you’ll see. Currently, they are hiring representatives and case managers of different types. If you’ve worked in the healthcare field before or have tons of customer service experience, they might have something for you.

Financial Institutions Hiring Work from Home Jobs

American Express

Looking to break into the financial services field from home? Check out American Express for their latest open positions. You might need some experience in the financial field or customer service, depending on the position you’re interested in.

Student Loan Hero

Pretty much the angels of the student loan industry. These guys aim to help borrowers get on the right track and pay off those darn student loans that haunt so many of us. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry, and they’re working to bring those numbers way down. They are a completely remote company with a fascinating way of work. Definitely check them out if you want in on the action.

So there you have it. 12 companies waiting for you to submit your resumes and applications! What are you waiting for? Best of luck to you!

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12 Companies hiring work from home jobs right now. Get that side hustle going!

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