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How to Really Have a Successful and Profitable Blog

Around this time last year, I was really looking into serious blogging and searching for information about how to really have a successful and profitable blog. What did I find? A lot of crap.

When it comes to blogging, everything is so personal – tastes, interests, writing style, photography skills, etc. There are so many variables, and after a year of trial and error, I have discovered that what you really need is a solid foundation of understanding. When you have that understanding, you can then move on to the next steps and really have a successful and profitable blog.Continue reading


How to Make a Career from Blogging

Blogging is all the rage these days, and while many blog as a hobby, many others have made a career out of it.

If you browse the internet about how to make a career from blogging, you’re going to be blasted with all sorts of information. Everyone has a different perspective on this topic, and I thought I’d include mine along with a few tips to get you started. Continue reading

Knowing Your Worth as a Blogger
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Knowing Your Worth as a Blogger

For me, blogging has always been an art form. I started out just typing away my feelings, but eventually, my writing and photography skills grew into so much more.

Knowing your worth as a blogger doesn’t come easily. You have to realize that every blogger has a vision that is valuable. I’m going to share with you an experience that I know you can relate to.Continue reading

Are paid blogging courses worth it? My thoughts and a Review of the Elite Blog Academy
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Are Paid Blogging Courses Worth It? | Part I

Is it really worth it to pay for blogging courses? Well, I guess that depends on what you’re looking to get out of the course.

I have paid for quite a few blogging courses. Some focused on Pinterest, and others focused on blogging better and best practice strategies. So what did I think of them? Here’s where I share the nitty gritty, honest and cold truth about are paid blogging courses worth it and my review of the Elite Blog Academy.Continue reading

How to Increase Your Domain Authority and Why DA Scores Matter in Blogging
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How to Increase Your Domain Authority | Why DA Scores Matter

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you will have heard the mumblings of DA score this and DA score that. How can we get this number higher, and why does it even really matter?

DA refers to Domain Authority, and every site gets a score from 0-100. If you’re just starting out, your score will most likely be 0 or 1. The goal is to increase your domain authority score, because the higher your score, the more authority your domain has, according to search engines. Continue reading

How to choose an email marketing platform to gain subscribers.
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How to Choose an Email Marketing Platform: What I Learned From 3 Different Platforms

After years of blogging, I only started building my email list through an email marketing platform this year, because I only just found out that I should.

If you’re a blogger, business owner, own any kind of site, or want to start blogging (check out this post if you want to start asap), you should have an email list – it’s one of the things that you truly own and can keep with you no matter what other platform or site you transfer to.Continue reading

Why I Stopped Beauty Blogging and Made Room for Growth
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Why I Stopped Beauty Blogging | Making Room for Growth

When I started blogging seriously 4 years ago, I started off in beauty and dabbled a bit in fashion. However, when I created The Crimson Cardigan, I knew that I didn’t want to go that same route.

In the 5 months that I’ve been blogging on here, I’ve gone from Lifestyle to Finance to Millennial Lifestyle. Why? My needs and wants changed – I change all the time. Continue reading

TCC Blogger Social Tailwind Tribe. All Bloggers Welcome.
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Boost Blog Traffic With TCC Blogger Social Tribe

When they say focus only on the media platforms that you’re passionate about, they aren’t kidding. I’ve delved into everything, but I have my favorites – Twitter and Pinterest.

Every month, my accounts grow steadily, and traffic to my site has doubled since I started implementing certain strategies. Previously, I shared how I grow my Pinterest following organically, and today, I wanted to share with you my brand spanking new TCC Blogger Social Tailwind Tribe. Continue reading

7 WordPress Plugins You Need for Ultimate Blog Performance
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7 Free WordPress Plugins You Need for Optimal Blog Performance

If you’re one of the millions of users who use WordPress, you’ll know that plugins are absolute must-haves. But there are thousands of plugins – which ones do you choose?

It depends on what you need and what you want for your site. In my experience, these plugins are absolutely essential WordPress plugins you need for ultimate blog performance. While we could talk about plugins for days, we’ll stick to 7 for now!Continue reading

Why Do People Unfollow You, and how to respond.
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Such a loaded question in the blogging industry – why do people unfollow you? Whether it’s on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, our blogs, or our mailing lists, people unfollow us every single day.

Do we let it get to us? No, of course not. However, you should work to figure out why people unfollow you so that you can use that information to improve your content and create more effectively. Continue reading