5 Beauty Hacks That Save You Money
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5 Beauty Hacks That Save You Money

Beauty routines can get really expensive. The makeup, skincare, bath products – it all adds up. Today, I’m sharing some beauty hacks that will save you money and let you enjoy your routines a lot more.

Why are beauty products so expensive? It all comes down to the fact that people are willing to pay for it. Here, we like to save, so if you’re up to it, these are some beauty hacks that save you money.

5 Beauty Hacks That Save You Money

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Natural Skincare Hacks

DIY it. I have been making my own skincare products for a while, and don’t worry, I keep it really simple. Why make your own skincare products? Many times, skincare products sold in stores have a ton of ingredients that you either can’t pronounce, are bad for you or both. If I can’t say an ingredient, I probably shouldn’t be putting it on my skin. Also, with the amount that you get when buying supplies, you could probably make 10 times as many products (like bath bombs) than buying one thing from the store (like Lush).

Makeup Remover and Cleanser. If you wear a lot of makeup, an oil-based cleanser works really well to get everything off at the end of the day. They serve as both makeup remover and cleanser in one. Oils also help keep moisture in the skin, leaving your skin glowing and radiant. Some oils that remove makeup really well are Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Avocado Oil and Jojoba Oil. You can get these at the grocery store or this online shop.

Put some oil on a cotton pad and remove makeup as you normally would. For stubborn eye makeup, let the cotton pad rest on your eyes for a minute and gently wipe away. Run a washcloth under warm water (not hot) and wipe the oil off your skin. Top off with moisturizer.

Moisturizer. Here, you can get a little creative with your recipe. Essential oils can be really beneficial to your skin, but you must know your recipe proportions. Generally, I stick to 20 drops total essential oil per 1 ounce of carrier oil (olive, grapeseed, jojoba, avocado). Depending on your skin, you might prefer less or more. Check out this site where I get my favorite essential oils.

My favorite additions are Lavender (soothing and calming), Lemon (lightening and brightening), and Tea Tree (clearing and calming). After cleansing, place a few drops on a cotton pad and apply to your skin. Massage your face with your clean fingers to stimulate blood flow and circulation. Bed time!

Bath Time Spa Hacks

Recreating the spa experience at home can be really easy and affordable. Finding affordable bath products can be a challenge, but lucky for you, I did some research! Etsy has some amazing deals on bath products. While you can buy ONE bath bomb at Lush for $10-15, this Etsy seller has a set of 12 for $20.

Bath salts can add some extra magic and relaxation to your bath, so here’s a DIY recipe that you can recreate by popping into your local Target, Walmart or similar shop. You’ll realize how much product you can make from just one order or these items, saving you a ton of money.

Relax and Rewind Bath Soak, 8 oz jar like this

Mix all dry ingredients together in a bowl. Mix all wet ingredients together in a separate bowl. Combine wet ingredients with dry ingredients. Store in 8 oz plastic jar in a cool, dry place. For bath time, add as much as you want to running water. Be sure to drink plenty of water after taking baths, because they tend to draw out a lot of moisture from your body. Relax and enjoy!

5 Beauty Hacks That Save You Money

Healthy Hair Hacks

A few months ago, I bleached my hair several times (6 total) to get this sort of lavender and gold look at home. It was fun and looked really cute, but I knew that I had to take really good care of my hair before and after the bleaching. If I didn’t, my hair would have probably fallen off. Here’s what I did to lessen the damage to my hair and help recover:

  • Night before bleaching, coat and massage grapeseed oil into your hair. Leave on overnight and repeat in the morning when you get up.
  • During bleaching, add a couple of drops of grapeseed oil into the bleach mixture and mix in.
  • After bleaching, coloring and rinsing, coat and massage grapeseed oil gently into hair. Let soak in.
  • Whenever you take a shower, don’t use really hot water. Hot water strips your skin, hair and scalp of necessary oils to keep you moisturized. Use warm water for showers – colder if you can handle it.
  • After washing your hair, towel dry and massage in grapeseed oil as a leave in conditioner. Comb through with a wet brush. Style as you normally would.
  • Avoid hot tools if you can. If you can’t, be sure to prep and heat-protect your hair well before styling.
  • If you really don’t want to use oils, you can opt for your favorite leave-in conditioner. Just be sure to really condition your hair to keep it looking soft and smooth.

This works for regular hair maintenance as well. It keeps your hair soft and smooth, and you never have to feel that dry, gritty feeling anymore.

Makeup Shopping Hacks

If I had a recipe for makeup, I would give it to you, but I don’t. My biggest hacks for acquiring makeup, especially if you really love trying out new things are these:

  • Subscription boxes. There are so many to choose from, but to get the biggest bang for your buck, Boxycharm and Glossybox are easy winners. You get more full-size products than other boxes. For $21 a month, you have access to a range of different beauty products to try out.
  • Trial and Sample sizes. If you like to experience shopping for yourself, I highly recommend purchasing trial and sample sizes of products. This lets you try out the products for less, and if you end up not liking something, it’s not a total waste.
  • Return and Refund policies. Some stores like Sephora and Ulta have really great return policies. They want you to like the products, so they’ll take back just about anything if you’re not satisfied. I know some people can be a little uneasy when returning products, but don’t let that stop you. If you aren’t happy with something, get your money back. Honestly, the sales associates don’t really care and won’t give you a hard time.
  • Drugstore vs. Luxury. Now, I’m not one to recommend makeup from the dollar store, but I have found some amazing makeup in the drugstore. They may be cheaper, but remember this – many drugstore and department store brands have luxury counterparts. Basically, they’re made in the same place by the same people. Their name brands are just worth different amounts.
    • L’Oreal owns Urban Decay, YSL, Maybelline, Essie, Lancome and more
    • Estee Lauder owns La Mer, MAC, Jo Malone, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox and more
  • PR Packages. If you’re a blogger or influencer, you can request PR from brands. The easiest one to get into is Influenster. You sign up to review products, and whenever there’s a promotion matching your interests, you might get a free box. Check it out.

Food to Beauty Hacks

What you eat fuels your body. This means that if you eat crappy food, your body is running on crappy food and will not function as well as it could. Now, I enjoy the fast food burger and fries here and there, but you really must make wiser food choices. Adulting for the win!

When you eat better, you feel better. Keep these food hacks in mind for better skin, higher brain function and overall feeling goodness. To stay budget-friendly, keep watch over your favorite shops. Grocery stores tend to have sales days and coupons for all sorts of different items throughout the week. You don’t need to clip newspapers – just check out their website!

  • Add color to your meals – fruits, veggies and spices. Not all veggies taste like crap. Some of them taste really good if you prepare them well. My favorite affordable veggies are all colors of bell peppers, spinach, broccoli, carrots and okra. You can very easily chop these up, throw ’em in a pot with a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper and cook for about 20 minutes. Add an egg for some extra protein and chow down.
  • Coffee and Tea. Most people I’ve met like one or the other. Both are good for you. They keep your digestive system running, helping to clear out the waste in your body. You want this, because the less waste there is inside, the less waste that shows up outside (on the skin).
  • Drink water. Now, that seems like such a simple thing, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t like drinking water. If you’re not keen on how water tastes, try fruit infusions or adding a little bit of juice to your water. Sounds gross to some and delicious to others. I like adding squeezed lemon to my water. Lemon gives you Vitamin C, perks up your metabolism and is good for glowing skin.

So there you have it, my arsenal of beauty hacks that save you money. See, saving money is all about creativity. Everything is so expensive these days, and adding a little bit of creativity can generate some enormous savings. Every little bit adds up.

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5 Beauty Hacks That Save You Money

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