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What The Crimson Cardigan can do for you.

The best part of being a creator is learning from other creators and sharing that content with my networks. I believe that everyone has a story, a talent, a dream, and I’m here to help make that a reality by sharing what you have to say with everyone else. For the duration of your ad time, I will dedicate my efforts to help expand your blog/channel’s reach.

I am offering advertising space to fellow creators (bloggers and Youtubers) with similar content provided here on The Crimson Cardigan. We love beauty, home decor, blogging and finance tips, coffee, that sort of thing. Still interested? Good! Spaces are limited and are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Advertise on The Crimson Cardigan.

It’s simple. Complete the Contact Form below, stating your Name, Blog Title, URL, and which month(s) you’d like to reserve the space for. Please prepare your blog banner to fit the size specifed (800 x 100). Alternatively, I can create a temporary blog banner for you.

Note: Ad sizes are width x height.

Payment is expected prior to the first day of the month of your sponsorship, and further instructions will be given upon request approval.


Package #1: $25.00 US* (3 available)

  • 800 x 100 pixel banner under one blog post per week (choose the day of the week).
  • Permanent spot – will not be removed from post after sponsorship.
  • Daily Twitter RTs.*
  • Pinterest re-blog of your blog posts from your site.
  • Special #FF every Friday.
  • Broad blog/channel assessment and feedback, if desired.

*Please keep in mind, for Twitter RTs, you will need to actively tweet me the posts you’d like to retweet.

Your success is my success, and in order to achieve our goals, we must put in the work. If you produce quality content, I will help share your content, and your success will follow in time.


Assessment & Consultation

Interested in am in-depth consultation where I provide an assessment of your site and recommendations to improve? Limited spaces available. Contact me below for rates and more information.

*Prices and terms are subject to change without prior notice.