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About Ashlynn, The Crimson Cardigan

On The Crimson Cardigan, I am a blogger, content creator, financial analyst, blogging advisor, and peace enthusiast. Outside of this space, I am a single mommy fighting stereotypes and negative vibes, determined to be one of those kick-butt stay-at-home moms. #LifeGoals!

My mission here on TCC is to help you prioritize investing in yourself, monetize your creative outlet, and manage your stress levels. Make that money and save it. Relax, and repeat. 

Just a couple of years ago, my family moved from Guam to Orange County, CA. Since we were starting over with a very tight budget and no income at the time, we had to learn to watch our spending very carefully and cut out unnecessary items.

With my background in finance, economics, and accounting, I was able to find ways to stretch our budget and utilize every dollar. When we started our jobs, we adjusted and still only purchased what was absolutely necessary for our home and family, because even with two incomes, our budget was tight.

When I filed for divorce, I had to find my own place to stay with my children. This is when my budgeting brain went into overdrive. I worked overtime hours whenever I could, even while I was working towards finishing up my Master’s degree, just to make ends meet. However, it eventually came time to turn the page and leave California behind, and we headed to Texas. Here, life is less stressful, and much less expensive.

The bonus: We get to start over again.

While these past two years were a definite struggle, I’ve learned to cut out the unnecessary and only make time for what is really essential and important. We live a more minimalist lifestyle; if it didn’t fit in my car, it was donated or thrown out. Now, we know that time is the most precious gift, because time spent with family and creating a happy life is irreplaceable. However, this isn’t about me. It’s about how I can help you!

What The Crimson Cardigan is about:

TCC’s mission is to help you create a more fruitful life by implementing cost-effective budgeting and savings strategies to minimize financial waste, constructing strong foundations to maximize monetization of your creative outlet, and providing solutions for overall stress management to reduce burnout.

I will do this by providing simple strategies, tools, and solutions to reduce financial and time waste, increase productivity and creativity, and manage overall stress levels.  

Ashlynn Cueto , The Crimson Cardigan

General Disclaimer

TCC uses affiliate links throughout the site. This means that if you use my links, I receive a small commission. Thank you for your support on The Crimson Cardigan. As always, you are free to not use my links. A general search will usually help you get to where you need to go. 

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