Spring Clean Your Finances in 7 Days and Get Financially Fit
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7 Day Free Budgeting Challenge: Spring Clean Your Finances

Sun’s out, guns and buns (toned arms and tushies) out, right? Spring is in way full swing, and why not get into shape – financial shape. Spring clean your finances in 7 days.

I constantly receive comments that say “I wish I had more money” or “I wish I could build up my savings.”

Honestly, you can, and I’ll get you there. I’ve worked on creating this simple and straightforward Spring Clean Your Finances Challenge that will help you cut out the waste and have more for the more meaningful joys and expenses in life. Let’s face it. We will always have expenses, but the beauty in determining exactly what and how much they are is definitely something to strive towards. Repeat after me: I am ready to get in control of my financial situation. I am the boss!

Spring Clean Your Finances in 7 Days and Get Financially Fit

Spring Clean Your Finances in 7 Days Challenge

Yes, I am challenging you! Why? Because I know how much it will mean to you to be able to have a few extra bucks to put away for a rainy day. When that rainy day comes, you are going to be so glad that you took on this challenge. Believe me when I say life likes to surprise you. It’s best we be as ready as we can for those surprises.

This challenge includes insider tips and tricks on minimizing waste and cutting out all of those extra expenses eating away at your income. There are things you may not even realize you’re spending money on. By going through this challenge, I’ll help you identify those areas that need extra work, and easily implement strategies to cut the waste and bring in more money. Also, I’ve included a Monthly Budgeting Template Spreadsheet all set and ready to go for you.

What You’ll Need

You need the want. You need to want this for yourself. Are you over living the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle? Are you through with seeing your savings balance mirror back anything less than what you’ll need for an emergency situation, say 6 months worth of living expenses and food? Do you want to own your finances, or do you want it to continue owning you?

You’ll need several days to get through the challenge, including a couple of days off to get through the roughest part – turning your clutter into cash. I’ll walk you through what you need to do, but remember, you need to want this. Do you want this? I say you’re ready for a new life.

Rainy Day Expenses

Everyone’s rainy days look different. There are my recommendations to save for. Have at least 6 months to 1 year’s worth of these expenses covered in your savings. Yes, I included savings, because you need to continue to save, even during your rainy days, in the event that more rainy days occur. Be prepared. Being homeless and hungry because you didn’t prioritize saving is not the way to go.

  • Home payment
  • Car/Transportation
  • Food
  • Savings
  • Daycare
  • Tuition
  • Debt Payments
  • Insurance
  • Emergencies – medical, car, financial

Having previously worked in the business side of an emergency room, I can tell you that one emergency room visit can rack up at least a couple thousand dollars of out of pocket expenses. This means that unless you don’t have any out of pocket costs for emergencies with your health insurance, that $2,000 is coming out of your wallet. Also, if your insurance company doesn’t consider your visit an actual emergency, they won’t cover the expense. This is important – you should have health insurance. You should also know exactly what your coverage is and how much is covered. Speak to your insurance company for any clarifications.

I’m not trying to scare anyone, but the reality of life is that we all get sick. Hospital stays can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses. Again, be prepared. The best way to be prepared is to always bring in more income than you’re spending. I’ve taken on a side hustle at home, and you can read all about it here.

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Spring Clean Your Finances in 7 Days and Get Financially Fit

Priorities Matter Right Now

It’s so easy to put things off for another day, another season. I believe that. However, it is very unwise, especially in today’s economy (seen the news lately), to not prioritize financials. You may be drowning in debt or other expense payments, but there is always a way to get around it. You just have to get creative and sacrifice. People are scared to sacrifice things, as if they’re the only things in this world that can bring us happiness. It’s not true. Even though we’re all made happy by different things, I can say that there’s less happiness in spending than we think.

Spending on eating out, date nights, hanging out with friends, etc. makes us happy, yes. However, we’d be just as happy by cooking at home, making meals with your spouse, or enjoying a nice pot luck get together. The key to saving in this area is time management. Set aside some time to cook and enjoy your food. You’ll save money, learn some new skills, and spend a lot more time in the home you’re paying so much for yet spending so little time in. Ah, yes. Time at home is more valuable than we realize. I was paying almost $2000 a month in rent, only to spend a lot of my time outside of my home due to work and going out. Home is expensive. Make the most of your time in it.

I Challenge You to Challenge Yourself and a Friend

Accountability always pushes us just a little bit more than if we were to do things alone. I challenge you to pick a friend and take this challenge together. It’ll take 7 days to make a huge impact in your way of financial thinking. When you’re done with the challenge, let me know how it all went, and if I could make it better, I’d love to know that too.

Are you ready to Spring Clean Your Finances and get financially fit? Let’s do this.

Also, I’m testing out a new mail service provider, so please let me know of any kinks when you try to sign up. Thank you!

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  • We have had a few of those ER visits ourselves and even with insurance we still ended up owning A LOT…. Thank goodness for payment plans. But lots to think about here for sure!

  • Yasmin Rebecca

    Awesome post with loads of great tips! I’m definitely more cautious of my spending, and sometimes you can just invite friends round for a brew rather than spending £5 in a coffee shop. My cooking skills could definitely do with some revision anyway haha!

    Yasmin x
    The Sweet Seven Five

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