Such a loaded question in the blogging industry – why do people unfollow you? Whether it’s on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, our blogs, or our mailing lists, people unfollow us every single day.

Do we let it get to us? No, of course not. However, you should work to figure out why people unfollow you so that you can use that information to improve your content and create more effectively. 

Why Do People Unfollow You, and how to respond.

Misleading Information

Yes, click bait. One of the biggest reasons I unfollow people is due to click bait, or what I feel like is click bait. A creative amount of word manipulation is fine, but if it’s obvious you’re just in it for clicks, it’s goodbye. I follow people that I trust and respect. However, if I click on something that clearly screams click bait or does not provide the information I was looking for, I will leave and not come back.

When you think of your readers, think of people who rely on you to provide them with useful information. You may struggle to find the words to draw readers in, but make sure that in your attempt to catch a boat load of fish, you aren’t dropping gold coins back into the ocean.

Poor Editing Skills

I can understand occasional typos and autocorrect’s silly games. However, unless you’re not trying to appear professional, using grammar tools can help you ensure your content is polished. Grammarly is free to use and helps you become a better writer.

Words aren’t the only things you should be editing. Your photos should attract readers and represent the content you are writing about. This doesn’t mean your photos have to match your words exactly, but there should be a connection between them. For instance, if you’re writing about blogging, you don’t need a photo of someone blogging. A photo of a computer or work station will suffice. Here’s a chance for you to use your creativity!

Why Do People Unfollow You, and how to respond.

Lack of Engagement

When you ask people to visit your blog and leave comments, it is understood that you will interact with those readers and reply to those comments. However, I have seen far too many blogs who do not have replies posted to their readers. Unless you have hundreds of comments, you can find the time to reply to these amazing people who have come to read what you have to say and share it with others. Return the favor.

Lack of sharing is an issue I’ve seen lately, especially in social media. It is understandable that you want to promote your content, but promoting other people’s content is also a good way to gain traction in social media. This shows your willingness to share and support others, rather than just trying to spam feeds with your content. Some people don’t like to share, and that’s fine. However, expect to be treated the same way. Don’t forget – the internet is big enough for all of us to be successful.

The Main Reason Why People Unfollow You

As a content creator, your product is your specialty, and that specialty caters to certain people. Most people unfollow you, because your content no longer matches their needs. However, that’s okay! We can’t please everyone, and if we try to, we end up helping no one.

This is why they say to niche down as close as you can to your specialty. You can choose to add sub-categories to your main niche, as long as you ensure that your content is focused. By mainly focusing your content, you appear to be an expert in your category, and more people will look to you for answers to their problems regarding that category.

While it’s important to keep track of your numbers to track growth and see how far you’ve come, it is equally as important to not let things like unfollowers get to you. Just like you unfollow people whose content is not beneficial to you, others will do the same. Consider this automated niche focus, because those who choose to stay with you – that’s the group you should be writing for.

Have you committed to a niche yet? What’s your niche? If not, what’s holding you back?