“You know, the first time I met you, I thought you were really snobby, because you weren’t saying anything to us.”

Does anyone else get this as much as I do? No? Just me? I am an introvert, and I have been this way my entire life. Living life as an introvert in an extroverted world can be quite difficult at times.

Sometimes, I think about how much easier it would be if I could pretend to be outgoing and extroverted – but I can’t, and I won’t. That isn’t me. What’s even harder is finding a career that lets me be myself and succeed as I introvert my way.

If you’re having trouble in your career search, don’t worry. I gotchu. Life as an Introvert. Finding a career as an Introvert.

What Introverts Are Really Like

When someone is quiet and keeps to him/herself, the common reaction is to make assumptions. Like I mentioned earlier, the most common thing people tell me is that their first impression of me is that I’m snobby, or I think I’m better than them. When they take the time to get to know me, they always change their mind. Eventually, they realize that I just like to be quiet and mind my own business.

Some of us just need space, and we enjoy being alone. Often times, I feel the need to be away from people, especially if I’ve been around them for too long. I need to recharge. People emit energy, and I’m sensitive to that energy – after a while, I feel drained. I’ll come back, when I’m ready and recharged.

We’re all different. Not all introverts have the same qualities, ticks, and preferences. Some introverts are more outgoing, and some enjoy social interaction more than others. Many introverts make fantastic leaders, but you wouldn’t think that if you don’t give them half a chance to prove it to you.

The Ambivert… Kinda Like a Platypus

Introverts are generally quiet, reserved, and thrive when they’re left alone. Extroverts are generally expressive, outgoing, and enjoy group interactions.

The ambivert is a mixture of both. Personalities shine through, depending on the circumstances. There isn’t just one right way to be – we can be however we want, introverted, extroverted, ambiverted, or whatever. Just do you.

Life as an Introvert. Finding a career as an Introvert.

Early Life as an Introvert

Growing up, my parents always had an issue with my personality. They were always upset with me for not talking enough. I never really spoke up, unless I was yelling at my brothers to get out of my room. Being alone was nice, and the quiet was peaceful. I much preferred staying in my room with my music and books instead of going out to play – or whatever it was people did outside in those days.

I was bullied for being quiet and different. They weren’t wrong. I AM weird, but still, that’s no reason to treat someone like they’re dirt. Unfortunately, in this world, being different is something to criticize. Whoever first came up with the idea that they had the right to be mean to people for being different, well, I have two words… Bless you. [If you’ve seen Sister Act, high five!]

Still, I stay quiet, speaking only when I have something important to say. I’ve been told that I’m like a turtle, only coming out of my shell if I absolutely have to. I feel more like a sloth, to be honest. Just hanging out, enjoying the slow, peaceful aloneness. Sloths are the best. If you’re a little curious, I have a post here that talks a little more about my background.

Adulting While Being an Introvert…Sucks

This world was not made to accommodate quiet, reserved, and sometimes shy people like myself. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Finance & Economics, and let me tell you what school was like – Mean Girls about sums it up. The competitive nature, the cattiness, the entitled attitudes were too much for me. It wasn’t just the females; the males were just as terrible.

Honestly, it took me a really long time to graduate, because I was struggling to learn and thrive in that environment. It wasn’t for me, but if I wanted my degree, I would have to finish. 7 years of undergrad, and I was finally out. I wanted to get my Master’s degree, so I went the online route. Best thing ever! No loud, obnoxious people, no drama – just straight up material to absorb on my own time. Learn and done.

Life as an Introvert. Finding a career as an Introvert.

Working in the Corporate World – Nope

At my previous job, I was fortunate enough to work in a place where the people are amazing. Of course, there were a some I didn’t get along with, because we didn’t vibe well. However, that’s totally normal. You’re not going to get along with every single person you meet. Still, you need to make it work, especially if you’re working together.

Truthfully, I enjoy working on projects alone. I get more work done that way, and I complete my work faster. That doesn’t mean I don’t miss working in a social environment, but I feel like I’m much more suited for working at home or for myself. I’m more productive and more ambitious when I’m not trapped in an office with tons of people hovering around me. Just me in my home office, encased in the comfort of my own – everything.

Do you ever feel that way? You just want a nice career that’ll let you work at home and pay good money or maybe even just enough to stash away for a rainy day. I feel you.

Fellow introverts, let us unite (separately, in our own homes), and run this world. Also separately, from our own homes.

From my home to yours, I’ve put together a little list (big list) of work from home careers to make your job hunt easier. Plus, I’ve shared where to find these awesome jobs, because they’re hiring right now!