Throw your hair up, put on some lipstick, and handle it. Oh yeah, I’m making that a thing (unless it already is). Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the UD Vice Liquid Lipsticks. May I say, if you haven’t tried them – well, what are you waiting for?

UD Vice Liquid Lipsticks Firebird, Crimson, Blackmail

UD Vice Liquid Lipsticks Firebird, Crimson, Blackmail

30 Shades, 2 Finishes

As is their reputation, Urban Decay has massive color ranges for their products. From pale nudes to midnight black, there is a color for everyone. Also, you can choose from different finishes. As for the Vice Liquid Lipsticks ($18 at Urban Decay), there are two finishes available, comfort matte and metallized. I picked up 3 shades, Firebird, Crimson, and Blackmail, which all have a comfort matte finish.

Normally, I gravitate towards matte finishes, because I hate reapplying lipstick during the day. For me, once it’s gone, it’s gone. I’m lazy, haha! Also, I tend to enjoy darker shades like deep pinks, berries, and reds, because I feel they suit my skin tone. To be different, I tried a really dark shade, Blackmail, and I just about scared my toddler. It was kinda funny. Note: I’m really bad at swatching liquid stuff. Sorries.

UD Vice Liquid Lipsticks Firebird, Crimson, Blackmail

Colors, Oh the Colors!

Firebird is a cool-toned berry with a pearlescent finish.

Crimson is a neutral, deep red with a matte finish.

Blackmail is a warm-toned purple with a matte finish.

Overall Thoughts

I have found that the lighter shades of the Vice Liquid Lipsticks apply more evenly and also feel more creamy on the lips. With Firebird and Crimson, I was able to comfortably wear them all day without feeling like my lips aged 50 years. However, with Blackmail, the formula dries out my lips throughout the day. It’s such a gorgeous shade though, so in the future, I’ll wear it with some lip balm underneath.

Application was easy, but it takes a while for the lipstick to dry. I’m sitting here 2 hours later, and still feel a tacky consistency on my lips. If you don’t like that feeling, you could set it with translucent powder. Works like a charm!

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My Favorite

Of course, Crimson is my favorite, I mean come on. Adding to my collection, a gorgeous red that stays on all day, and the color stayed throughout my light meals. Usually, very oily meals break down lipsticks, so be wary.

Now, I’m trying out a new photo editing style and would like to know what you think. I manipulated the exposure a few points to add a light filtered effect. Do you like?

UD Vice Liquid Lipsticks Firebird, Crimson, Blackmail

UD Vice Liquid Lipsticks Firebird, Crimson, Blackmail

UD Vice Liquid Lipsticks Firebird, Crimson, Blackmail

Have you tried any of the Vice Liquid Lipsticks? Which shades do you like?

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