DIY Cheap White Backdrop for Photos
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In the blogging world, quite a few creators have a white backdrop for photos. Since I moved into a place where there was no white furniture, I committed to a dark wood theme.

After a while, it’s grown on me, and I actually really like it. Today, I threw together a white backdrop for photos, just for fun, and I’m going to show you how easy it is to achieve. 

DIY Chea White Backdrop for Photos

Something White

Honestly, you just need something white – a sheet, white board, big piece of paper, a blanket, things like that. You don’t need to go out and get an Ikea table, like most everyone has. Just use whatever you have at home – it’s free. If you get creative, you can use any backdrop and make it look visually appealing. I hung a white pillow case over a chair and laid the end on a table. Throw some cute decorative pieces on top to frame your photo, and voila!


Depending on your tastes, you’ll need to decide how you want your subject to lie. Some people are really good with flat lays, where you lay the object flat and take photos from above. I have yet to master the skill of a gorgeous flat lay, so I like to stand my subject up and take photos from an angle. Whichever angle I feel looks best for the subject, that is what I will shoot. Also, I take several photos of the same angle; this way, I can pick and choose the best one to edit. Here’s my before and after.

DIY Chea White Backdrop for Photos

DIY Chea White Backdrop for Photos

If you want to play with Photoshop, I have a tutorial here that shows you how I edit photos. It’s super easy! In the after photo, you can’t tell that the subject was taken on a table on top of a sheet. Find an angle that works for you, shoot the photo, and edit. You can make so much magic happen with a bit of creativity. Another way I like to style my photos is like this, using props and a simple dining table. Easy right?

How do you like to take your photos? Do you have a backdrop preference?

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  • Such a great, inexpensive way to take blog photos. Your pictures always look amazing!

    • Thank you, love! That means a lot coming from you <3

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