How to grow your following.
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When you take a look at the blogging world, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, but I’ll share a few tips that’ll help you grow your following and get your blog noticed.

On my social media, you’ll see that I “like” and “retweet” posts all the time. I have nothing to lose by helping others expand their reach, so I do that. If you follow me on social media, I usually follow right back if I like what I see – that you care for your content and your readers. Also, I “like” almost every post on my Instagram feed if it looks like effort has been made, or if I get “the feels” from your post. Simply put, I like to support my fellow creators whenever I can, so here’s a few tips to help you grow your following.


Social Media.

If you already have a social media following, take a look at your followers and see if your blog content is targeted towards them. You may need to expand your reach and gain new followers that are more likely to read and support your content. Gaining new followers on social media seems daunting, but it’s really simple.

Find people you can connect with, people who have similar interests. This means that you’re going to have to do some research and find other bloggers with similar content and connect with them. Follow them if you like what they have to offer. Essentially, you’re building upon your network so that you’ll have access to their readers, and their readers will have access to you. Like, comment, and retweet posts that you like. When you share other people’s content, they appreciate it. They really do notice.

Interact and Chat.

If you like blogging, you probably like reading blogs too. Good! By reading other blogs and leaving comments, you’re making your mark and leaving behind a little piece of yourself. However, there is a right and a wrong way to leave blog comments. The wrong way is to leave a comment just for the sake of leaving your link behind. Do not do this. Your comment will most likely be deleted, and that blogger will remember you as the spammy, annoying person.

When you leave a good comment, you’re reacting to the content written in the post, providing useful insight, and connecting with the blogger and the other readers. In closing, you can leave your name and a link to your blog, but that is all. Do not ask for follows. Just leave your link, and they will do with that link as they please. If you connect with someone, they’ll click your link and say hello.

Another way to interact with other bloggers is through Twitter chats. I’ll create a separate posts talking about Twitter chats and their benefits, but simply, you go on Twitter and chat through #hashtags. Everything posted under the tag gets archived and you can go through and “chat” with people. Chats are at specified times, and depending on the kind of chat, you’ll have to look around and see which ones you’d like to join. Today is Tuesday, so at 3PM CST, there will be a #GRLPOWR chat. Come join us! (Search for the tag, click latest posts, and start talking. Always use the #hashtag at the end, so your post shows up on the #hashtag feed that you’re using.

How to grow your following.

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Groups and Tribes.

If you don’t have a Facebook page for your blog, I recommend you create on and join Facebook groups. While most groups are closed and require approval to join, they are fairly easy to get into. The benefits of joining groups is that you can directly communicate with other bloggers who have similar goals and content. Consider it like a meeting ground where you can throw out comments and ideas and gain feedback from likeminded people.

For Pinterest, there are Tribes, which is similar to being in a group. With Tribes, you can share your Pinterest posts with others in the Tribe, and they can choose to re-share on Pinterest as well. Kallie wrote a great post about Tribes here, and it’ll tell you everything you need to get started.


Utilize those #. Hashtags are used for grouping similar posts together, so if you want your post to reach a certain group, use the tags. If you’re tagging on Twitter, it’s best to stick to 1 or 2 tags at the most, but on Instagram, feel free to load ’em up. Check out some of the hashtags and see where your content lines up, and use those tags for your relevant posts. Some of my favorites for Instgram are: #lbloggers, #thegirlgang, #bloggers, #girlboss. On Twitter, I like to use: #bdib, #thegirlgang, #bloggers, #sleepybloggers, and #GRLPOWR.


With all of the algorithm changes on social media, your timing is everything. How do you figure out when to post and reply, and how can this help you grow your following? This strategy sheet tells you when the “best” recommended posting times are for different forms of media. Of course, you’ll need to use your judgement. Remember, Instagram only shows 150 or so of the posts it thinks you’d be interested in. If everyone posted at the same time, only 150 posts would show up on your feed, ranked in the order that Instagram thinks you’d like. So again, do your research, pay attention, and be active on your social media.

If you found this post helpful, please share it on social media as it really helps. Also, sign up for more blogging tips, free courses, and updates. Until next time, I wish you all well!

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  • Thanks for sharing the strategy sheet, that’s the only thing out of these that I haven’t been incorporating into growing my social media.

    Abigail Alice 💕

    • Absolutely! It was so helpful when I was figuring out the timing of my posts!

  • Awesome post! This is super helpful to a new blogger like me. 🙂 Thanks for creating awesome content!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Jenn! I’m happy you liked the post! 🙂

  • Very helpful! Going to download and study the strategy sheet! 🙂

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