Budget beauties, I have to say that you must take care of your skin, but you don’t have to pay a fortune. Just take a trip to your kitchen, and you’re ready to give yourself a spa treatment.

As I’ve stated before, I’m on a tight budget, because I choose to be. I chose this life, and to be quite honest, it’s not all that difficult. With my budget, I don’t have room for extravagant expenses like spa days, but I have figured out how to take care of my skin at home, with a few simple ingredients. These DIY nourishing face masks help bring your skin back to life, and the best part is that you can do them anytime.



In grade school, one of the first things we learn in science is that our bodies are made up of mostly water. All of our organs need water to function, and without water, we would shrivel up into a pile of dirt. If your skin is looking dull, dry, and dehydrated, drink more water. Depending on your body, you need at least 32 ounces of water, just to survive. To do more than just survive, you’ll need a lot more than that. Ideally, you’ll want to aim for a liter of water per day if you’re not very active, and you’ll need much more if you’re athletic in any sense of the word. By drinking water, you’ll help eliminate a ton of health issues like constipation, dehydration, bloating, etc.


First, be sure you’re not allergic to honey. That is most important. Considering honey agrees with you, it makes a great nourishing face mask and adds a slight glow to your skin afterwards. You’ll need raw, unfiltered, organic honey*, not the overly processed kind. Before mask time, cleanse your face as you would normally and secure your hair away from your face with a shower cap or head band. Apply a light layer of honey all over your face, avoiding the eye area. You don’t want to apply too much, because your body temperature will make the honey too runny.

Depending on how much time you have, you can keep the mask on from 10 minutes to an hour. When you’re ready, wash the mask off with warm water and pat dry. Moisturize as you would normally. Drink more water. Your skin will feel soft and supple with a beautiful glow. Repeat as desired.

BONUS: Use honey on your nut butter sandwiches. I like mine with peanut or almond butter on toast. Yum!

DIY nourishing face masks

Natural Oils.

For my skin type, which is combination to dry skin, I prefer to use extra virgin olive oil* (evoo). In the past, I’ve also tried jojoba oil*, coconut oil*, rosehip seed oil*, and castor oil*. Naturally, these oils are all good for different types of skin. When choosing your oil, see this article about all of the different kinds and what they do for the skin. So far, evoo is what works best for me and doesn’t irritate or break out my skin. After a warm shower or right after cleansing my face, I apply the oil while my skin is still wet, massage in circular motions, and pat dry. This helps lock in moisture and reduces the greasy feeling oils can leave. Honestly, I’ve come to see the greasy feeling after an oil mask as a comforting thing, because I know my skin is enjoying it so much.

BONUS: Cook with Evoo for healthier meals. ALSO, evoo helps break down makeup, so you can use it as a makeup remover as well. One thing though, I haven’t found it works too well at removing waterproof mascara. Coconut oil works well in that area, but be sure to cleanse thoroughly afterwards as coconut oil can cause break outs in some people (like me, hehe).

Amp it up with Essential Oils.

On my adventure to finding better skin care, I’ve dabbled in essential oil experimentation and have discovered a few favorites. While there is an enormous variety of essential oils, I gravitate towards simple yet effective ones for my skin like organic lavender and peppermint. I get my oils from Edens Garden, and I love their selection. In the past, I’ve also used frankincense, vetiver, helichrysum, but I found their scent to be a bit overwhelming for my tastes. On my bathroom counter, I have a 1 oz. vial of facial oil that I use to massage into my skin after cleansing. In the vial, I place 10 drops of lavender oil and fill the rest with evoo. This combination helps keep my skin hydrated and heals any dryness and breakouts without leaving dark scars behind. I call it my magic potion.

BONUS: Essential oils can be used for many things on the body and in the home. Do your research, and put that little bottle to good use. I put a drop of lavender oil into a brand new tube of mascara before first use and swirl the wand around. This helps keep the mascara from drying out too quickly and helps control bacteria growth within the tube.

Personal story – I had a really bad ear ache, and I couldn’t sleep from the pain. I had a vial of olive oil with lavender and peppermint essential oils mixed in, and I thought to put a few drops of that onto a cotton swab and rub that around my ear. I fell asleep and woke up with no more pain. Now, I’m not a doctor, and you shouldn’t try this without consulting one first, but I’m just saying. There are a lot of things you can do with some of the things you find at home.

As I am fueled by the desire to create and experiment with new concoctions, please share with me your favorite recipes for nourishing face masks below. 

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