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When I  land on a new blog or business page, my eyes are drawn to the layout and how the creator has gone about styling photos for the page. If I see blurry photos, I almost immediately click away.

Personally, I enjoy visual stimulation, so a page with big, bright photos automatically piques my interest. Everyone has a different style and preference, and opinions on what makes a good photo will differ from person to person. However, I wanted to share a few ideas on styling photos if you’re stuck or need a bit of inspiration.


Light it up.

If you have access to beautiful natural daylight, use it! Place a table in front of a window and adjust to the time of day, glare, and exposure of the sunlight, and shoot. Natural light is the most attractive light, but you’ll need to make sure that shadows and glare are controlled to avoid photos being too blinding. If you can’t utilize natural lighting, make use of artificial lighting like soft boxes and reflectors. For those on a budget, I have a post here on how I use cheap floor lamps to light my photos.

Styling Photos

Styling Photos

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Accessorize but don’t distract.

Sometimes a plain background is nice, but I like a little contrast in my photos. When I’m styling photos for my blog, I have a bouquet of fake white flowers that I like to place behind products. In my photos, I always shoot on my deep warm wood dining table for a consistent effect. Some like the marble look (marble contact paper or actual marble) or the white base (white table or soft blanket), which is also really pretty. As for accessories, I’ll throw in a lit candle or some other trinkets like a lit candle, glittering plate or pretty office supplies.

Depending on your creative eye and styling preferences, experiment on what you think makes your photos stand out. As a creator, you’ll want to make your photos a part of your brand, so create a theme that viewers will come to know as “yours” when they see your photos. When you’re posting to social media, this helps your posts look uniform and more visually appealing.

Styling Photos

Styling Photos

Crop and edit.

When styling photos, mainly product shots, you’ll surely want the focus of the photo to be the main product. If you crop the photo, try to keep the main product slightly off-center. Because I use artificial lighting, I edit my photos. Usually, I brighten the photos, strengthen the contrast and resize them so the files aren’t so large. Eventually, you’ll develop and eye for your photos, and your shooting style will come naturally. Now, it’s difficult for me to shoot any other way.

Styling Photos

Styling Photos

Watermark your work.

Since I started blogging years ago, I’ve heard of bloggers having their photos stolen and reposted without their consent. While we can’t always know what happens when our photos hit the internet, it’s safer to add a watermark. All of my photos have my watermark somewhere on them. Place your mark in a hidden place, or place it in plain sight – it’s up to you. Please protect your work.

What are some of your styling tips? I know so many bloggers who create amazing photos!

If you found this post helpful, please share it on social media as it really helps. Also, sign up for more blogging tips, free courses, and updates. Until next time, I wish you all well!

Ashlynn Cueto

INFJ, Ravenclaw Blogger. Headquarters: Houston, TX. Making this my most creative and rewarding life. This blog is my hustle, and I'm here to help make your creativity yours.



  • Ali

    These are some great tips. Your photography is so beautiful! I really want to improve on my photography this year!

    Ali |

    • Thanks, Ali! Let me know if you need help with anything. 🙂

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