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Need blog help? If you’re unable to access your site or WP dashboard/admin page due to “error 500”, I might be able to offer a solution here.

Please note that this will only work for Bluehost hosted WordPress sites, because that is what I have, and this is what I know. Earlier today, my site went down and gave me a loading error 500. My site wouldn’t load, and I couldn’t access my WP dashboard to edit/fix the issue. What does that mean? It means that something in the coding went wrong – in my situation, one of the plugins I used was recently updated and suddenly became incompatible with my site theme template. In this scenario, the plugin needed to be deactivated. To fix the problem, you’ll need to figure out which plugin is causing the error and deactivate that plugin. How do you do that when you can’t access your WP dashboard? Like this.


Troubleshooting WordPress Error 500 or Blank Screen

First, type in your full URL and add “error_log” at the end. For example:

When you press enter, you will see a log of errors that your site has encountered. Look for the plugin name that is causing your most recent error. Most current errors are found at the bottom of the log.

After you find the culprit, log in to your Bluehost account and click on WORDPRESS TOOLS in the top menu bar.


NEXT, click on PLUGINS in the left menu bar.


NOW, you can toggle on/off your installed plugins. Toggle off the plugin that’s been causing your site problems. Try reloading your site to see if the issue has been resolved.

If you’re still seeing the same error, try clearing your browser data and clearing the cache. This empties out your browser memory, because your browser will load the page as it remembers it – with the error. Clear it and try again.

Hopefully, this solves your issue. If not, you might have to call WordPress tech support. They’re pretty good, but I’d rather not have to call them every time this happens.

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