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Once in a while, I’ll share creators that I’m loving – or have loved for a long time. Today, I have another round of amazing content creators that you should definitely check out.


Rikki Poynter from Deaf Poynters and Youtube #DEAFTALENT

Also since the beginning of my blogging and Youtube career, Rikki and I have been friends – I see her as somewhat like a younger sister. She’s moved on from beauty vlogging onto public speaking and spreading awareness on deafness and deaf culture, and she’s doing an amazing job! I am so very proud of her.

Rikki Poynter Youtube

Melody Collis from Youtube

Oh man, this lady is adorable! Melody is such a sweetheart, and I feel like her channel needs so much more recognition than she’s getting. She does huge Lush Cosmetics hauls and has an adorable rocker chic style. We did a US/UK beauty swap years back, and it was the best thing ever!

Melody Collis Youtube

Jacqueline (JackyOhhh) from Youtube

This girl is not just a beautiful face, but an enormous talent as well. She did so well during last year’s NYX Face Awards, and we were all rooting for her! That’s what you do with your fellow creators, you support each other, and we have a gem amongst us – Miss Jacqueline. Look at that makeup – so love!

JackyOhhh Youtube

Kristina Braly Blog and Youtube, formerly Pretty Shiny Sparkly

PSS was my favorite blog to follow, because Kristina really knew what she was doing. I’d say she was one of the better bloggers out there – her Bloggers Do It Better series was magical, and it got so many bloggers to come together! That would be a dream for me; maybe one day. Now, Kristina focuses on Youtube, and you can spend time with her, Gidget (her adorable puppy), and her husband as they live life on the east coast. EDITED: Kristina is back on the blogging scene as Kristina Braly! Yes!!!

Kristina Braly Youtube

That’s all for now, and remember to say hello to these amazing people!

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