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If like me, you’ve spent a hefty sum on your makeup collection, you’re probably searching for the best drawer organizers – these are my favorites. They’re affordable, sturdy, and easy to clean.


From eBay to Hautelook, acrylic to wood, I’ve tried various types of drawer organizers, and plastic is a strong favorite. Whether it is clear plastic (acrylic) or white plastic, I find that these drawer organizers are more stable and easier to keep clean. To clean them, you just wipe them down every week to keep them looking pretty. While eBay has some really cheap organizers, I find that it’s easy to land a very cheaply made set – one that doesn’t have consistent measurements throughout. Once, I purchased a set of lipstick organizers that looked fine on the description photos. However, when I received them, I found that some compartments were smaller and therefore didn’t fit all of my lipsticks.

Enter The Container Store.

Best Drawer Organizers

Symmetrical, sturdy, and reflective, these acrylic organizers are, in my opinion, the best drawer organizers for storing lipstick and nail polish. As a lipstick addict, I approve of these! You can find them and other acrylic goodness here or in your local The Container Store. Starting at around $6.99 per unit, depending on the item, I think it’s a pretty good deal for the quality you receive.

Another favorite – white interlocking drawer organizers.

If you prefer a clean, white look to your storage, these Rubbermaid drawer organizers come in many different sizes and start at $2.49 per unit. As you can see, the hooks on the left edge attach to the clean edge on the right of a second unit. You build and adjust as you go, depending on your preferences. For my home, I use these inside my Ikea Malm dresser to store the majority of my collection. They don’t have separators within the container, so you’ll need to plan more, but that’s the fun part!

Best drawer organizers

Makeup storage best drawer organizers

How do you like to store and organize your makeup? 

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