Delezhen Collection, Handmade Ruby and Gold Gemstone Ring
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If I could outfit my jewelry box with anything I wanted, I would definitely fill it with pieces from DeLezhen handcrafted jewelry.

Created by Masha Lezhen, DeLezhen is a brand that I discovered through Etsy, my absolute favorite place to find unique handcrafted jewelry pieces. I prefer a more natural look to my jewelry, and since I used to create my own jewelry pieces, I understand the time, dedication, and patience it requires to create something beautiful. It doesn’t always work out, but boy when it does, it feels so good!

DeLezhen handcrafted jewelry pieces are made by hand, carrying imperfections in the hammered bands and gemstones; however, these imperfections bring so much charm and character to each piece. I’ve purchased two gemstone rings, one topaz and one ruby. In the near future, I plan to build up a little collection of their rings, because they look amazing stacked. I’m partial to gold settings, but they carry silver settings as well. There is something about gemstones that draw me in, and I fall in love every single time. Currently, this gold ruby ring is my favorite.

DeLezhen Collection Handmade Ruby Ring

DeLezhen Collection Handmade Ruby Ring

DeLezhen Collection Handmade Ruby Ring

DeLezhen Collection Handmade Ruby Ring

What are some of your favorite Etsy shops? Do you have a shop? 

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I just adore DeLezhen so much!

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