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I’m spreading that good ol’ fashioned love and sharing some of my favorite content creators and their craft. This’ll be a continuous series, so stay tuned for more awesome people to follow.


One of the most amazing things about blogging is the community. It is filled with beautiful people from all walks of life, all over the world. As a blogger, I have learned so many things from my fellow creators – bloggers, youtubers, crafters, and business talents, and have grown to adore them and their work. A fair few have become my friends, and even though we’ve never met in person, the bond we share is real. I will continue to post my favorites throughout my time here at The Crimson Cardigan, so keep checking back for more on Creators I’m Loving. When you pay a visit, let them know I sent you!

Kallie from But First, Coffee and Caffeinate & Conquer and Youtube

Since 2013, I’ve known Kallie through blogging and Youtube, and she remains to be one of my main inspirations to keep blogging. She loves coffee and throws in a cocktail recipe here and there; but it’s that smile that’s so gorgeous and happy. If you’re new to blogging or want to step it up, Kallie has some great resources on Caffeinate & Conquer.

Kallie from But First, Coffee Blog

Hope from Miss Hope Elizabeth Blog and Youtube

She’s got that sweet southern charm and a stunning smile. Just like Kallie, I’ve known Hope since I first started getting into blogging, and she is an absolute darling. If you like Bath and Body Works or planner/organization hauls, no one does them quite like Hope does. She constantly feeds my addiction, and I love her for it!

Hope from Miss Hope Elizabeth

Julie from The Salt Life Wife Blog and Youtube

If ever someone was the absolute definition of motherly, Julie is that woman. Since the beginning, she has been such a strong, supportive, and kind woman, not just to me, but to everyone! We have a little circle of bloggers and youtubers that started out during the same time, and Jules is probably the center of it all – everyone knows and adores her. Her blog and channel are about beauty mostly, but she does share real life with her husband and dog – Dax, and I admire that; she is an advocate for infertility, an issue she holds close to her heart. Be sure to show her some love!

Julie The Salt Life Wife

Megs from Wonderful You and Youtube

A stunner like no other and well known for her fiery locks, Megs is a sweetheart. Don’t let her “big blogger” status fool you – she’s down to earth and quirky just like the rest of us. I adore her humble nature, and she’s so easy to talk to, so very relatable. Love love love.

Megs from Wonderful Y0u

Claudia from Beauty and the Chic

A beautiful face that takes gorgeous photos? I’m in. We share a love for beauty, and of course, her little baby is absolutely precious! Claudia has one of the most stunning blogs around, and her photography is on point – I believe she’s sharing her tips and tricks, so head on over to check her out.

Claudia from Beauty and the Chic Blog

Emily from The Freckled Fox

If you’re looking for a strong woman, Emily is most certainly that. Faced with life’s challenges, she remains graceful, kind, and humble. Her 5 little darlings will melt your heart into a puddle of love. No one can tell her story better than she does, so please do say hello.

Emily from The Freckled Fox

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